Earth and Equine offers Holistic Equine Management, Training, and Sustainability Consulting for Horse Properties.

sarah and mustangs

My business and personal philosophy is to seek balance and alignment in all that I do -  and that mindset is reflected by offering professional services for the equine-savvy in my two areas of passion and expertise.  I offer sustainability consulting focused on horse and country properties - learn more on the Earth page. As a Certified Reach Out To Horses Trainer, I also provide professional horse training, and I can help elevate you and your horse to a new level of communication and partnership - explore holistic horsemanship on the Equine page.  Earth and Equine brings a professional eye to both the environment of the horse and the horse himself - tending both the Nature, and the Nurture.

- Sarah C. Lockwood, P.G.

Grounded in Earth and Equine Science, Guided by the Spirit.

Earth and Equine News:

Sarah Lockwood is a Certified Reach Out To Horses Trainer.  Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out To Horses, has been Sarah's mentor since the year 2000.  

Sarah Lockwood was appointed to the California Equestrian Park and Event Center (CEPEC) Facilities & Services Team as specialist in Holistic Equine Management!

I think your skills and contributions go way beyond ‘horsemanship’.
— Wanda Smith, Executive Director, CEPEC